【Lecture】​Investment & Hedge Fund



26th March 2018 (Monday)


8:50 am




Investment & Hedge Fund

Main contents:

  • Introduce

  • Investment and Markets,

  • Hedge Fund and Its Characteristics

  • History and its evolution

  • Strategies

  • Quant Strategies

  • Why one wants to select to invest into a quantitative hedge funds and how

  • China finance market

  • Summary


Dr. Xianneng (Shennon) Shen(The President, Junyao Investments)


Introduction to Lecturer:

Xianneng (Shennon) Shen, Ph.D.

The President, Junyao Investments


Prior to Junyao, Shennon worked at Risk Management Solutions (RMS) Inc US., the global leader in catastrophe risk management of the global insurance/reinsurance industry from 2006 to August 2014. Dr. Shen served at different capacities, from a development architect to a managing director & the general manager of RMS China. Shennon has extensive working experience in the IT industry, and worked for Symantec, IBM, Cornell Theory Center and etc. from 1994 to 2006.


Shennon received Ph.D. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and M.S. of Computer engineering from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA. He was the President of Silicon Valley Science and Technology Association (SVSTA), the Board Director of Computer Measurement Group and the Board Director of Insurance Society of China. He is currently the Senior Expert of Hedge Fund Talent Association and serves as a Board Director and a supervisor of SVSTA.


Dr. Shen is a guest Professor at the Finance Department of the Business School in ZheJiang Industrial University, Hangzhou, China and a Professional Advisor at the School of Economics & Management of University of Electronic Science and Technology. He has presented at many international conferences and symposiums and has given many lectures at different universities and colleges. His expert areas are Parallel/Cloud computing, Big data & analysis, databases, file system, finance and risk modeling, Investments, Hedge Fund, FinTechand Management, Etc.